You don't have to study for 10,000 hours to see success in real estate

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You don’t have to study for 10,000 hours to see success in real estate

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10,000 hours of study or 22 sales in 8 months?  We have all heard (countless times) that we must study for 10,000 hours to become a master in our field.

But, does 10,000 hours seem like a huge and overwhelming investment of time in the now, when the demands on our time are never-ending? Do you think that this long-term thinking may put some people off?

I mean, how many hours is that per day? Is it a helpful piece of advice to just tell people to study for 10,000 hours? I think not.

I think, we need to learn the specific strategies that will bring immediate growth. If eventually we reach 10,000 hours that will be a bonus, but after all what we really want is results, right?

To illustrate my point, I want to share the story of my client Jack.

success in real estate michael kiesJack’s Story: $320k added in 8 months

Jack came to my Success in Real Estate course, and within 8 months he sold 22 extra houses just from the strategies he learned.

Just recently when I spoke with him, he is now on the way to $1 million per year.

In his first 2 years he would read my listing presentation section of the Success in Real Estate manual before every listing, and these strategies helped him to deal with the objections that arose.

Now, it hasn’t taken Jack 10,000 hours to start seeing excellent results.

He explained that the key tool that helped him increase his results was the ability to use proven strategies for each component of real estate sales.

The 10,000 hours myth

This is not studying for 10,000 hours, this is flicking to the specific chapter relevant to your situation, and using the strategy straight away.

Look, I’m all for reading, but you don’t have to wait until 10,000 hours of study is done, before you can see success in real estate.

I had a situation when I first started in real estate where I went 7 weeks without a sale, and I bought a very specific program on selling tools.

I used them and sold 19 houses the next month.

If we can afford to spend 10,000 hours reading mindset material that’s wonderful and well worth it, but if it’s results you need, find the material you need right now that is relevant to your situation.

After implementing my Success in Real Estate program, Jack sold an extra 22 houses in 8 months.

This works out to be an extra $330,000 in professional fees that Jack has bought in.

I asked him specifically how he did this, and these were the three tools that he mentioned:

  1. Quick reference to find the answer
    He said that before prospecting he would read the prospecting section of the training manual, pick out one strategy and use it. Before a listing appointment he would read the section on the listing appointment and pick 2-3 strategies for overcoming objections and use them. Same with price reductions, and buyer work. He said it was most helpful that he could find what he needed straight away.
  2. Learning in the car: university on wheels
    To keep his motivation up he would listen to the audio recording of the mindset section in the car on the way to appointments. Instead of setting aside a specific time per day for reading, he would use the “just in time” approach vs the “broad reading” approach, which meant that he would study a strategy and then put it into place.
  3. Implementation and active learning
    What was fascinating was that once Jack had learned a strategy, he then implemented it, which cemented it in his mind. Often we must read something 3-4 times before it sticks, then we role play, etc. Jack took a short cut, he simply learnt it, implemented it, and then it was in his arsenal forever more. Whenever he came up against this problem again, he knew exactly how to answer it. Sure enough, Jack has achieved excellent results and is on his way to $1 million per year. 

success in real estate

So I guess we have 2 choices:

  1. We can learn haphazardly, setting aside our 10,000 hours for reading.
  2. Or we can learn the specific strategies to our situation that will bring immediate results?

Obviously the tools within the sales process play a massive role in growing results.

For this reason, I have created my success in real estate program that includes a 120 page manual with reference guide, so you can flick to the section you need, just like Jack did.

If you want to know more about honing your skills in real estate, I have a full three day training program called Success in Real Estate which you can register for here.

At the beginning of the course you will be given a 120 page manual which includes all of my practical tools for overcoming the common obstacles in real estate sales. Put your name down now…

By Michael Kies

Michael Kies
Michael Kies
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