3 types of mindset for real estate agents

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March 15, 2017
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October 5, 2017
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3 types of mindset for real estate agents

3 types of mindset for real estate agents


So we have all heard that there are 20% of agents making 80% of the sales. Put me in a room with a group of agents and I can tell straight away who is doing exciting things and who is struggling. It comes from a deep seated mindset about their future and it shows immediately. So today I am going to discuss the 3 types of mindset for real estate agents.

Getting your mindset right can propel you to be in the top twenty percent of real estate sales people within Australia. The main mistakes I see with mindset are agents who don’t take responsibility, who blame others for their current situation, agents who have excuse-itis and often these symptoms are followed by self-pity and eventually, sadly, many agents leave the industry.

But those with the right mindset take total responsibility for their life, they feel free, they take blame out of their lives, they get rid of excuses and are responsible for their own results.

The process we go through to have a growth mindset is this:

1. You take action
2. You get results
3. …and thirdly you always have to believe that there is plenty of business out there to be had – build on your growth mindset.

Statistically speaking the top 20% of sales people sell 80% of real estate in Australia – and what’s the big difference between the top 20% and the bottom 80% of real estate agents? It’s mindset.

The 3 types of mindset for real estate agents:

1. Limiting mindset – this is where we go and knock on a door or we go to a listing appointment and we think it’s not going to work out.
2. Growth mindset – growth mindset is where we have a mindset that everything is going to work out best for us.
3. Abundance mindset – this is the type of mindset where we believe that we can create as much business as we can handle within the industry. When we get to this stage it is a wonderful feeling – you take total responsibility and you feel totally in control of your life through having an abundance mindset.

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If you’ve got some stories about how an abundance mindset has helped you get listings and make sales I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…

Michael Kies
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