The 3 tips for finding listings in real estate sales

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The 3 tips for finding listings in real estate sales

By Michael Kies

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The 3 tips for finding listings in real estate sales

Many trainers in sales teach that all you’ve got to do is get people to like and trust you and they will list with you. That may be true in some cases but:

What happens when a vendor has interviewed 3 agents, they like and trust all of them and their professional fee is the same?

Who are they going to list with? They’ll list with the agent who can lead them to make the decision. In other words the agent who knows how to close properly, who is a professional salesperson and leads them to make the decision that is right for them.

Ultimately listing with the professional salesperson and trained negotiator is the right thing to do for the vendor because they are going to get the highest price.

Follow these three tips and you will get more listings:

1. Build rapport.

Do this by matching, pacing and leading.

Match them verbally and match them physically. Pace them verbally and pace them physically. Lead them verbally and lead them physically.

They will list with you if you can lead them then all you have to do to close it is to say, “when would you like me to bring some buyers through?” If they say immediately, get the listing agreement and fill it out.

I used this with a vendor of mine Vince at the listing presentation. I leant forward, he leant forward.  I leant back, he leant back.  Then I closed it with, “when would you like me to bring some buyers through, Vince?”  He said “As soon as you can.” So I just took the listing agreement out and he signed it.

2. Listen

So many people tell, tell, tell.  You lead by listening.  Your listing presentation needs to be based on good intelligent discovery questions. Give people your full attention and listen to what is really being said.

Exception to the rule

You must develop selective hearing in some instances. If somebody says to you “I won’t be signing anything tonight”, you say “I understand and that is the last thing I am going to be asking you to do”. And it will be that last thing you ask them to do. Then move onto the close.

3. The Form Filling Close

I went to see my future vendors, Mr. and Mrs. Clark at a four o’clock on a Friday afternoon.  I didn’t have time to finish up the listing presentation because I had to pick up my daughter Jesseca from basketball.

So I reappointed for 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon. I got back to see them at four o’clock on Sunday afternoon.  They didn’t even remember me, Mr. Clark came to the door and he said “who are you?”. I said, “do you mind if I come in for a cup of tea?” He said “well I have got to let you know that we have already selected an agent.” I said “have you signed an agency agreement?” He said “no”. So I went in for a cup of tea.

I went through my listing presentation. They said no.  I filled out the agency agreement. They said no.  I read the entire agency agreement to them and eventually they said yes. They sold five houses with me over the years.  The four hours work to get that listing signed up resulted in over $50,000. So use this and get them signed up.

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Michael Kies
Michael Kies
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  1. I liked that you talked about how important it is that the real estate agent listens well. I personally really hate having to repeat myself over and over again. So, I would want to hire someone who I could tell was good at listening to me and what I want out of a home.

  2. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. All the best

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