The choice for real estate business owners

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March 15, 2017
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The choice for real estate business owners

The choice for real estate business owners Michael Kies

Let’s run through the choice that many real estate business owners must make in order to find true health, wealth and happiness.

If you are in business for yourself (whether you are on your own or you have a team of people around you) and maybe you are not making as much traction as you thought you might, please consider that within a couple of years from now you could have:

1. Prosperity

2. Peace of mind

3. A sense of accomplishment

But you must make a choice as to where you want to go from here. Think back to 2013; where were you in your business compared to 2017? If you are still doing the same things and experiencing the same problems it may be time to make the choice to get serious about building the life you want for yourself.

If you get this right you can have all the prosperity in the world, you can have a great life, a happy and successful team and be on the path to mastery in your real estate business.

Imagine taking your family on holidays and not having to worry about how the bills will be paid, not having to make sure that you personally have sold a heap of properties so that there are settlements coming in while you are away to keep the business functioning.

There is a simple process to make this happen:

Make the decision to have high standards: Think about your agency as an elite sporting team – you don’t just let anybody on the team. If you want an elite sales team you must have high standards to attract them, which brings me to the 3 keys for getting the ball rolling with this process:

1. Be attractive

2. Be a good leader

3. Demonstrate a clear career path to your staff

How are you going with your hiring journey? Leave a comment below.

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Michael Kies
Michael Kies
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