The cycle of doubt for real estate agents

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The cycle of doubt for real estate agents

cycle of doubt

By Michael Kies

The cycle of doubt is alive and well in the careers of real estate agents, wreaking havoc with consistency in results.

Real estate is the most wonderful career to be in, but there are times when it can be hard to maintain motivation due to the cycle of doubt.

Today I am going to cover the common cycle of doubt for real estate agents and how to break it to add an extra 20% in results.

I have talked a little bit about the cycle of doubt before – but quickly it goes like this:

  1. Agents start with high motivation in a new career in real estate

    2. This leads to confident prospecting and results

    3. Then often the agents gets busy with results & prospecting stops

    4. About this time results drop

    5. This is followed by a period of poor results/negativity PLUS lack of motivation to prospect 

    6. Agent gets tired of poor results & gains motivation

    Start again from the beginning

When we are in this cycle, we are often losing 20% of our potential. We spend a minimum of 20% of our time in the cycle of doubt.

But what if we could skip the downs and achieve the ultimate consistency? What if we could count on a certain amount of results every month – no dips! No valleys! Just regular results.


A client of mine Graeme, comes to my Success in Real Estate course about once per year. I asked him about this and he replied that every time he comes he increases his business by 20%.

This is due to skipping the cycle of doubt, as he is re-focused on his goals, and re-motivated for the year ahead.

A lot of the training I send to you is about sales itself – after all, that is where the success comes from – knowing what to do and say when you are with clients – but for me it was a shift in mindset which changed my results forever.

3 steps to breaking the cycle of doubt for agents

  1. Make a Decision

It;s all well and good to write your goals – usually we do this around new years eve or the end of the year – but for me my life changed when I made a decision that if it was going to be it was up to me.

Today, write in your diary “I have decided that I will…” and fill in the blank. Once you have finished that line write underneath, “and I am going to do this by:” and fill in the blank.

From then on write it in the present tense in your diary, so if today you write I have decided that I will get one good listing appointment per day followed by I am going to do this by prospecting first thing in the morning.

Then tomorrow write –” I am going to one good listing appointment today as a result of my prospecting this morning.”

  1. Morning Routine

Get up early and exercise. Sometimes it can be a real struggle.

If I need motivation in the morning it’s not too hard to find on the internet, I have some helpful motivational tools on my YouTube channel, but you can also find it in books, in audio cd’s etc.

Just find some motivation somewhere and accept no excuses from yourself.

staying on track cycle of doubt3. Staying on track

Isn’t it the best feeling when you write a goal and you can put a tick next to it. So do this every day!

Write a goal for everyday so you:
a) know you are staying on track.
b) get that positive reinforcement for a job well done and negative reinforcement for a job not done.

Instead of having monthly goals, write daily goals.

It is easy to steer off track in 30 days unchecked, but if you have to go back and report daily it is more difficult.

See it’s like a roller coaster, on the way down we tend to feel terrible in the pit of the stomach. It’s the same with real estate we have to avoid the large drops and just coast nicely on high results.

Maybe you would like to achieve consistency… maybe you would like to add an extra 20% like Graeme has every single year that he has been coming to my Success in Real Estate course?

Michael Kies
Michael Kies
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